From Swami Venkatesananda’s Vasiṣṭha’s Yoga:

O Rāma, it is impossible to catalogue the calamities that visit one who is under the influence of the mind. All this weeping and wailing “Alas, I am dead,’ ‘Alas, I am burning’ that one hears in this world—all this is nothing more than the play of the egosense. However, even as the all-pervading space is not polluted by anything, the self which is omnipresent is not affected by the egosense.

You are the Self, O Rāma, not the mind. What have you to do with the mind? Abandon this delusion. The goblin-mind residing in the body has nothing to do with the self, yet it quietly assumes “I am the self.” This is the cause of birth and death. This assumption robs you of courage. Give up this ghost, O Rāma, and remain firm. Neither scriptures nor relatives nor even the gurus or preceptors can protect the man who is utterly overpowered by the ghost known as the mind. On the other hand, if one has laid this ghost, the guru, scriptures & relatives can easily aid him, even as one can easily rescue an animal from a mud-puddle.