I helped build a fence yesterday, and I’ve got the sunburn to prove it!!

It’s difficult to perform actions and not think about the result or outcome of those actions.

There is a yogic practice called sevā, or selfless service, that encourages that we do just that–perform actions for others, regardless of the outcome.

Sevā is completely selfless service. You are not doing service for reward, for recognition, or for any other purpose than to serve something more than your own selfish needs.

When you serve something greater than your own small needs you find tremendous joy. People such as Mother Teresa, people who have given themselves to something greater than themselves, always radiate with this happiness. On a material level they don’t have much and they work long hours for little or no money and no appreciation, but they have an inner joy and an inner radiance. They have discovered something.

– excerpted from A Seat by the Fire – Spiritual Discussions with Sri Shambhavananda

Sevā is considered Karma Yoga, or the Yoga of Action. Paramahamsa Yogananda explains Karma Yoga as the path to God through nonattached action and service. By selfless service, by giving the fruits of one’s actions to God, and by seeing God as the sole Doer, the devotee becomes free of the ego and experiences God.

Today’s action step: Find a way to help someone else today, just because you can. It could be something simple like pouring coffee around the office, or preparing a special meal for someone and delivering it, or doing some yard work for your neighbor. Be creative, and give openly!

You will find that this is a very powerful gift. To give and be of service can dramatically impact others who are on the receiving end or our actions.

Have a great day!