You’re a happy little plant, stretching your leaves to the warmth of the sun every morning as the dew slowly is absorbed into the soil that surrounds your roots. Each evening, after receiving your nourishment from the soil, the sun and the air, you stretch your tiny branches in growth and produce more leaves throughout. Your life continues on in this way in splendor over the first few months of your life.

As you grow, and require larger amounts of water and nutrients, your roots dig deeper and wider. Yet over time, you begin to feel a bit cramped and stifled. As your roots reach outwards, they start pushing against something that seems to be very strong and impenetrable. Your roots start tracing along the edges of this new barrier, but no pathway towards expansion can be found. Your roots have reached their limitation.

Now with a limited amount of soil to feed and replenish yourself, you no longer continue growing taller and thicker. You continue waking each morning to the warmth of the sunshine and listening to the singing birds, and enjoying each and every moment, yet your growth and expansion is now restricted and you can’t help but feel a little suppressed. Time passes.

Then one day you feel a great disturbance. You’re tipped upside down, held tightly around your small trunk, and feel your roots being pulled apart. But immediately, your roots are pressed down into new soil, and your life settles down, after this short but dramatic disturbance. You nervously go to sleep that evening, wondering what just happened.

The next morning’s rain causes your roots to stretch as you wake up, and you quickly notice that your roots seem to have more room to breathe. In fact, they have more room to grow. As your roots dig a little deeper and wider, your branches begin reaching a little higher and closer to the sun. And once again, your leaves thicken throughout. You’re content in the warmth of the sun….

We each have our limitations.

And we grow to meet with the edge of our limitations. Once we get there, growth becomes stagnant. So it becomes necessary to open ourselves up a little deeper, allowing for more growth to occur.

In the new year, I encourage you to go out and get a much bigger pot–one that will allow you to grow much deeper, stronger, taller, wiser, and shine more beautifully. By stepping beyond your limitations & allowing your heart to open more deeply, the sky’s the limit.

The result? You’ll find yourself harder better faster stronger…

The heart is the hub of all holy places. Go there and roam in it. -Sri Nityananda