Nothing we do is without consequence. Each of our actions shows its effects either immediately, or later down the road. Sometimes our actions can take the form of a residue left behind that action. For example, if we behave in a friendly manner towards someone, they may take some of our friendliness into his or her next encounter. It is a continuous process–the first action influences the next and the next and so on….

This is why it is best for us to remain alert in ALL our actions. What possibilities are there for preventing actions with negative consequences–actions that we may later regret?

Today, practice “dhyana,” which in this case means “reflection.” In your conversations, and in your actions today, think before you act. Dhyana is a quiet, alert consideration. A meditation. The aim is to free yourself of preconceptions and avoid actions that you may regret and that may create new troubles (duhkha) for you.

Happy practicing!
Prem & Namaste