Over the weekend, I saw someone who was under some intense stress.

She was really dwelling on the past, and I wanted to help her focus on the present. Intuitively, as I encouraged her to be present, she crossed her arms in front of her body, and grabbed her upper shoulders just below her neck. Her breathing slowed & deepened, and I could visually see her relax. What she probably didn’t know, is that she was doing a “Mind Gem.”

Mind Gems aren’t exactly yoga-related, but they are quite similar to some of the yoga mudrā (energetic hand positions). Developed by Dorothy Espiau, Mind Gems are quick, simple techniques to re-circuit the electrical system of the body.

I thought I’d share a few of them with you today. They can really help restore balance, when you feel ungrounded and uncentered. Enjoy!

1) TOUCH TOP OF HEADBrings attention to present time
Cover soft spot on top of head with fingers of right hand. Hold 12 seconds. Cover soft spot with fingers of left hand. Hold 12 seconds.

Touch Top of Head
Touch Top of Head

2) SWITCH ONClears electrical system, restores balance
Touch pads of all four fingers and thumb of left and right hands together at the same time. Hold 12 seconds.

Switch On
Switch On

3) CROSS AND TOUCH AT BACK OF NECKClears anger and being uncentered
Place right hand on left back of neck where it connects to the shoulder. At the same time, place left hand on right back of neck. Hold 12 seconds. Reverse action. Hold 12 seconds.

Cross & Touch at Back of Neck
Cross & Touch at Back of Neck

4) IN-VISIONUse to bring to you all you desire to have in your world (e.g. happiness, prosperity, perfect colors, perfect sounds, etc.)
With dominant hand, cone fingers and touch pineal gland area between eyes. Hold until you have visualized all you desire.