Let It Go and Let It Flow!

Letting Go of the Past to Make Room For Things to Come

It’s Difficult to Let Go

Three weeks ago, our fire pit was stolen.

I felt really devastated, especially considering I’ve used that fire pit to complete a 3-year Maha Mrityunjaya mantra siddha sadhana, and have used it for a number of special, sacred ceremonies in the last few years. I was also quite stunned, since I chant protection mantras around our property, and have done a lot of energetic work to raise the vibration of our home and keep it protected.

Well, three weeks ago (before the fire pit was stolen), I was completely caught off-guard when the apartment next door had workers come and cut down ALL of the large, mature trees on their property. I loved the huge cedar tree next door, and as they cut it down, I felt the collective energy really drop in our property. The trees in our backyard really were stressed and took the loss really hard.

So this blip in our energetic field, when we were stunned by the sudden loss of all the trees, created enough of a window that our property was vulnerable. In hindsight, my intuition even told me that I should chant some protection mantras around our home, because the loss of trees changed the energy so much. I told myself that I would get around to it in a day or two.

I guess that was already too late, because the fire pit was taken within a day or two of the trees being cut down. So not only did we lose these great trees in the neighborhood, but now I also lost one of the most meaningful things that I owned.

So Now What?

It was difficult, but over the next couple weeks I struggled to let go of my attachment of the fire pit. As I’ve said, it really had a lot of history and meaning for me, so it wasn’t easy. But I started to think that maybe it’s time for a new chapter, or time for a change. I liked the fire pit well enough that I probably wasn’t going to let go of it very easily, so maybe it needed to be taken from me.

I started meditating on whether or not I should even replace the fire pit with another. And if so, should I be more paranoid and really make sure it’s secure and not easily stolen?

In meditation, Shiva answered that it is time for me to make a Vedic fire pit, a square shape out of bricks. I’m very handy, since I grew up on a farm, and the design worked out perfectly and put it together in a day.

Just in time to use it for the first time on the Spring Equinox, a day of new beginnings.

So things have a way of working out even better than we can imagine, if we are willing to let go of things and not hold onto the past.

Let it go, to make room for the new!

Here are some pictures of the new and improved fire pit! Doesn’t it fit so much nicer than the old version? I would have never changed, if I wasn’t forced to let it go!