It’s śāstra śukravāra, and today we’re going to look at how vāstuśāstra can help improve the energy–and even the monetary value–of our homes.

I’ve recently been fascinated with walking through neighborhoods in LA and glancing at the houses and landscaping. If I see one I like (or don’t like), I’ll do a quick analysis according to vāstuśāstra, and see if the property is structured in harmony with vāstu, or if there are improvements that can be made.

If you’re unfamiliar, vāstu is a sister science to yoga & ayurveda, and provides guidelines to improving the energetic flow in our homes and office spaces. (Think feng shui, but India’s version.)

So what does vāstuśāstra say we should do to improve the energy and value of our home? Well, energy enters through the northeast corner of the property and home, so keep this area clutter-free. If the northeast is over-crowded, the space will not be able to draw in beneficial energy. The element “water” resides in the northeast, so this is a good place to have a fountain or perhaps a pool or small lake on the property. Water can help absorb energy as it enters the property as well.

Energy comes in through the northeast, and it leaves through the southwest. (If you live in Australia, or south of the equator, energy moves from the southeast to the northwest.) The southwest is where the “earth” element resides, and therefore is a good area to place all of our heaviest items. The mass of these larger elements will also help keep energy from leaving our living space.

Here are your quick guidelines to improve the energy of your living space:

• Northeast: clear, open space; clutter-free; incorporate water element
• Southwest: large, tall objects with lots of mass; incorporate earth element

The following two charts show the value of two contrasting properties. The first one has many recommended vāstu features (open space in the NE, fountain in the NE, and the house sitting in the SW corner). You can see the value of this property is much higher than its neighbors and over a 10-year period, its value has increased in proportion to city-wide property values.

This second home has a few vāstu defects. The house rests on the north end of the property, and the south end is lower and has very little mass. It is difficult for energy to enter the property in the first place, and what does enter, leaves easily since there is nothing large with lots of mass holding it in the SW corner. If this owner planted some large trees in the SW corner, that would go a long way towards balancing the overall energy of the property.

If you make a few changes & improvements, you can easily improve the energy of your living space!