The purpose of the Guru Pūrṇimā celebration is to review the preceding year to see how much one has progressed in life, to renew one’s determination, and to focus on one’s progress on the spiritual path.

gukāras-tvandhakāraś-ca rukāras-teja ucyate

ajñāna-grāsakaṃ brahma gurur-eva na saṃśayaḥ

Thus it is said that the syllable ‘gu’ is darkness, the syllable ‘ru’ is light.

Without doubt, the Guru is Brahman, the One who swallows the darkness of ignorance.

gukāra ḥ prathamo varṇo m āy ādi-gu ṇa-bh āsaka ḥ

ruk āro dvitīyo brahma m āy ā-bhr ānti-vin ā śanam

The first syllable ‘gu’ reveals illusion and other qualities of the visable universe.

The second syllable ‘ru’ is Brahman who causes the disappearance of illusory worlds.

  -Śrī Guru Gītā, 24-25

Thus the Guru is the remover of darkness.

Whether you have an actual Guru that you feel connected with, or not, everyone is nonetheless connected with the guru principle: the Inner Guru, or the Upaguru. “There is a subtle principle that resides within all of us, which is unborn and undying. It is a repository of infinite strength, wisdom, abundance and auspiciousness. It is bliss infinite and the giver of supreme happiness. It is the support-less, infinite sky of supreme wisdom. It is the silent witness of everything. It is neither male, nor female. It exists beyond all dualities. It is not bounded by time, space or conditions. This witnessing presence is pure and clear like the sky, luminous like the morning Sun. It is our Inner Guru.” -Banani Ray

Guru Pūrṇimā is a time to celebrate your connections to your Guru, Upaguru, and all of your growth & advancements over the previous year.

Guru Om


(my gurus)