OK, at the risk of sounding a bit excessively proud of myself–I’ll try to keep myself in check!–I have to share a little bit of my past week with you. I promise there will be a great point at the end, if you stick with me….

This last weekend I was at a yoga-related conference (www.mokshafestival.com) in Santa Monica CA. One talk was a roundtable discussion between four ‘heavyweights’ in the yoga community (one a scholar, another an advanced meditator, another a respected yoga instructor, another the head of Yoga Alliance organization), discussing the future of yoga (in America mainly).

I thought the topic might be an interesting one, as I–at least in some small part–will be one of those leading the future of yoga-related thought & development. So I’m observing the conversation.

At some point, the meditation expert (and keep in mind, he had not been introduced yet, and I don’t know his name or what he actually does) looks in my direction, and stares me down. His face turns into a smile, and although I cannot pick up on his thoughts, I knew he could SEE me on a level much deeper than most are capable. I couldn’t tell if he was enjoying my energy/aura, or the spirits hanging around me, or maybe he could see some of the spiritual work that I’ve done. Regardless, I could sense that he recognized something…

I didn’t get a chance to ask him about it afterwards, but his interest obviously made me curious enough to find his website and learn more about him. I sent him an email this morning, just saying that I really resonated with some of his comments during the talk and that I noticed him noticing me that day. 🙂 And was wondering what he was picking up on. He replied an hour later:

you are right, I was enjoying the way the energies were playing around you,  . . . the way you were listening so deeply and then resonating with what you were hearing was visible, somehow. You were intent, focused, and seemed to be listening on several levels simultaneously.

In my email I asked him if he would like to grab lunch together sometime in the next couple weeks. In his reply, he stated where he was going to be on Santa Monica beach this afternoon, which I took to be kind of a ‘challenge’ invitation–if I’m interested in meeting up with him, I know where he’ll be. Kind of mysterious and all. But I enjoy that. 🙂

I showed up, just enjoyed the beach in semi-meditation while he body-surfed in the ocean, and approached him after he came out of the ocean. Spent a little more than half an hour chatting about various meditation-related things.

He’s obviously very perceptive in a stealth sort of way, and I was curious if he would elaborate on what he was observing Sunday during the talk. He described the way my energy responded to the discussion and various comments, resonating with various statements. But he also described that it felt like in a way, I was holding the energy of the room at a higher vibration (don’t remember his exact words, so paraphrasing here), and to him it was kind of like giving him a cranio-sacral massage while the discussion was going on. My energy pervaded the room and was expressing itself on many different levels. He also commented about my head feeling very clean, yet while obviously being active (I was actively listening to the conversation), my head energy never seemed to scatter, which I think impressed him.

His comments this afternoon really struck me. Yes, it’s always nice to hear someone say nice things about you. And let me tell you, it’s even nicer when it comes from someone who is perceptive enough to see EVERYTHING about you, warts and all…and still have really nice things to say about you. But putting that aside, I can’t help but notice how profoundly my energy impacts everyone in my immediate surroundings. He could feel and see me impacting the mix of energies in the room that day.

What if we could all get feedback like this? If you could see how your energy DIRECTLY impacts those around you? Would you act differently? Perhaps with a little more respect to others–your bad mood affects others, and your good mood does too. Is it fair to others to walk around in a bad mood, if you can literally see your energy negatively affecting others?

From this interaction, I hope to raise my vibration up a few notches. I know that I almost always feel great overall, all the time, but it’s great to have a reminder of how much we impact the wellbeing of those around us. I hope to be even more respectful of others, by being conscious of how my energy–my presence–effects those around me.

I hope you strive for the same.

Many blessings!

vedic virtuoso