Last night was the Wesak Festival, and I held a moonlight ceremony to tap into the energies of the “Great Outpouring.” Once a year, on the full moon in Taurus (sun in Taurus, moon is in Scorpio), Ascended Masters from all the world’s great traditions come together and share their spiritual energies with the world. It is a celebration of the Buddha’s life, and Jesus presides over the evening. At the moment the full moon’s light falls on a certain hidden valley in the Himalayas, it is said, the Buddha appears in a globe of brilliant white light. At the front of the valley is a large flat rock bearing a crystal bowl, filled with a spiritually-charged liquid. This ceremony releases a charge of spiritual light and energy to all the planet’s inhabitants–the Great Outpouring.

Following the tradition begun by Thomas Ashley-Farrand, we chanted mantras from many of the world’s major religions, and had a crystal bowl filled with water, to get infused with this spiritual energy moving across the globe.

It was a beautiful evening, and at one point, I felt guided to place a clear quartz crystal in the bowl of water. As I was dropping it in the water, I didn’t want to make a big splash, so I held it right above the water as I was dropping it in. My fingertips touched the water in the bowl as I released it, and the most amazing thing happened. You remember in the movie The Matrix, when he takes the “Blue Pill,” and this mercury liquid just starts traveling up his arm and eventually overtakes his body?

That’s kind of what I experienced. The big electrical charge came through my fingertips, and started traveling up my arm, throughout my body. My fingers were tingling–quite intensely!–for a good 5-10 minutes later. It was beautiful and amazing.

It was a great evening, and everyone got to take home some of the spiritually-charged water. The good news is…I have some left over that I’ve saved up in a few bottles. I would love to share some of it with you all, so the next time you come in for a session (massage, energy healing, heart healing, etc) I’ll give you some of the water!

Come and get it!

Hope you all have a beautiful week! Soak in all the beautiful energy in the air!