I see a lot of people choosing not to meditate, simply because they’re afraid of the thoughts that arise when they slow down long enough to listen to their internal voices.

I’ve started reading this beautiful book – The Temple of Master Hotei – written by the author’s recollection of a past life as a student of Master Hotei (or more commonly known as the Laughing Buddha). I just read a paragraph with Hotei’s commentary on listening to those inner voices we all seem to be so afraid of. Wanted to share the quote with you:

We allow mountainous piles of seemingly random and useless thoughts to clutter our minds, and unresolved emotions to imprison and block our hearts. Digging through these piles of thoughts and emotions, we slowly discover the true source from which they issue. Analyzing and dealing with them allows us to discard the useless aged clutter taking up space and energy inside us and also to solve any issues that require our honest personal attention.

We discover which thoughts and emotions are a product of our current living and learning process, and, which are very old repetitious and no longer needed ones still in there using up precious energy and awareness. Through an honest understanding of our thoughts, emotions, thinking process and their true source and reasons for existing within us, we can finally learn much about ourselves. We must know our own thoughts and why our mind functions the way it does before we can accurately interpret someone else’s thoughts, mental images, and emotional impressions.

It is very important to begin sorting through all your internal thoughts, and determining the energy behind those thoughts. You can’t move beyond them until you stare at them face-to-face. 🙂