OK, I’ve been having a few conversations lately revolving around creating and manifesting your desires. If you’ve seen The Secret and What the Bleep! Do We Know?, I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept that thoughts create things.

This absolutely rings true with me, although it’s not complete. Yes, you may be thinking, well, if you want a better job or a find a new partner, you have to take action–you have to actually do something about it. Of course that’s a component, but the puzzle piece that I seem to be coming across for many people lately, is that you have to put some power behind your intention.

Simply thinking about something is enough in and of itself, BUT… there’s no energy, no power, no emotion behind it, so it will take a long time for those things to come into fruition. If you want a tomato plant to grow tomatoes, it may grow tomatoes just by planting the seeds. But if you water it and nurture it, they will grow faster, bigger, stronger, taller…and taste better too!

So here’s what you need to do:

When you think a thought, place your hand over your heart, and visualize your heart energy growing and enveloping your intention, and send that heart energy (it’s your feelings, emotions, etc) out into the world. When you put this energy behind it, things will happen much faster and with more fluidity & greater alignment with what you want. Hold the thought in your heart center for a moment, and send it out to the universe as a fully energized, empowered thought vibration. Just like a boomerang, it will return to you in manifest form!

A great mantra that helps one manifest all those thoughts and desires into reality is tapping into the Goddess energy: Om Shreem Shriyei Swaha (if you’re younger than 29, chant Om Shreem Shriyei Namaha).

Have a great week!