Have you ever tried meditating outside during the summer? Do you remember while doing so, perhaps getting bitten by a mosquito? If so, you’re well aware of how such a tiny tiny insect can have such a large impact on a comparatively much larger person. This tiny insect can cause a little pinprick on your skin, which is felt quite intensely by your consciousness. You are most certainly aware/conscious of this little mosquito.

Similarly, we have a relationship with the earth not unlike the human/mosquito analogy. In size, we may be so tiny and insignificant, yet the earth’s “skin” is just as sensitive as ours, and can feel each and every one of us in much the same way.

The earth can feel our compassion, our caressing of its surface. If you pet your dog with love, his/her tail wags, and you can sense their gratitude. A dog will even respond if you simply glance in its direction with a nurturing eye. The earth responds to our nurturing in the same was as animals do.

In times of natural disasters, and global crisis, the earth feels our compassion, our caring, our nurturing. We can strengthen our home (earth) with our love.

To send some healing energy towards the earth, and some compassion towards Japan, work with the following mantra:

Namo Kwan Shi Yin Pu Sa

The Kuan Yin mantra infuses the consciousness envelope surrounding the Earth with dynamic compassion, which manifests as grace and mercy. Chant the Kuan Yin mantra and know that you are contributing to the growth of dynamic compassion everywhere.