Yesterday, I was given a BEAUTIFUL!!! lotus seed & ruby mala!

A lotus seed is sacred to Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth & abundance. Lakshmi sits on a lotus flower, and a lotus seed represents the beautiful white flower that emerges from the depths of darkness (water)–so light emerging from darkness. Rubies help heal and open the heart chakra, and are believed to increase love, confidence, loyalty, and courage.

The common Lakshmi mantra, as a principle of wealth, is Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha. This mantra can increase abundance of health, family/relationships, children, food, friends, beauty, spiritual knowledge/understanding, etc.

Today I thought I’d share another great Lakshmi mantra, to become the Beloved of Lakshmi:

Om Shrim Hrim Jaya Lakshmi-priyaya
Lakshmi Sritardha Dehyaya
Sri Hrim Namaha

May you be blessed with abundance in all aspects of your life!