In yesterday’s note, I shared a few Mind Gems. The last one (4th one–In-Vision) can help bring to you all you desire.

There is a bija (seed sound) mantra that produces a similar effect.

KLIM (“kleem”) is the seed mantra for the principle of attraction. It is sometimes combined with other mantras to attract an object of desire. As you chant the mantra KLIM, the power of your focus upon the desired condition becomes more intense.

If you spend a few minutes a day visualizing how you want your day to unfold, combine those thoughts with the In-Vision Mind Gem from yesterday with chanting the mantra KLEEM.

Today’s action step:
Close your eyes, cone your fingers and place them on your third eye, and repeat the sound KLEEM as you visualize your ideal day unfolding.

Inevitably, your reality will begin to line up with your thoughts, so choose your thoughts wisely!
Have a great day 🙂
Prem & Shanti