Yesterday, someone said something pretty negative to me. And i can’t seem to shake it, obviously, cause it’s still in my mind this morning.

I realize that Saturday I experienced some really significant spiritual growth–raised my vibration up a notch or two. And yesterday’s negativity in my immediate vicinity was a manifestation of some aspect of myself that wanted to go back to my previous vibration level of last week.

If you can recognize other people and their comments for what they really are–in some way a reflection of yourself–it is easier to detach from the emotional charge from any situation, and take from it the lesson of the experience.

Keep the memories, and the lessons, but let the emotional charge fall away.

So the question is, HOW do i work through and release this negative aspect of myself? Although it manifested in someone else, there’s a piece of its source in my inner being.

This aspect of myself has come up from the amazing growth from this last week. Negative energies sometimes like to kick and scream on their way out…but yes, it’s on its way out!

So what I’m off to do this morning is walk it to death:

Recognize that when you go through these experiences yourself, it is always an opportunity to grow and evolve. How you handle these situations determines whether you will continue staying the same, or whether you will integrate higher consciousness and allow that to solidify within your being.

Hung Vajra Pay

May you always find the peace that is waiting for you at the other side of these experiences.