Developing Heart Muscle Testing … the Summer of 2019

I haven’t been very consistent with writing blog posts, but I think it’s important to write down a few details of the past few months.

Starting with energy healing with Hailey – heart chakra mantras, preparing me for what’s to come later

Building a Chakravyuha Labyrinth (meeting a friend who showed me the seed pattern of the chakravyuha)

Cleaning up the backyard in preparation of Guru Amma – at least 15 black widow spider bites. Spider totem: (languages)

Installation of the mantras in my heart with Guru Venu Syama

Hailey, Swami Muktananda & Thomas Ashley-Farrand all visit during the ceremony. Hailey scolds me a bit and said I should have tried harder to get her [human] mom to come today, so that she could get activated with the mantras in her heart. Ashley-Farrand shares that he wants to do some activations for me with the Gayatri mantra. Swami Muktananda–who’s in my guru lineage–opened up a torus (sacred geometry) in my heart chakra. That night as I slept–and only was able to sleep a total of 4 hours, waking up every hour–Muktananda activated the torus and started it’s movement around my aura. Moving out the back of my heart chakra, wrapping around my auric body in the shape of a torus, and completing the shape by meeting back at the front of my heart chakra.

I needed to continue repeating the mantras that activated my heart chakra torus over the next handful of days, in order to complete and solidify the permanent activation of the torus. And once it stayed active, the beauty began.

I started noticing the energy in the back of my heart begin to respond to my moods, responding to my surroundings, responding to plants & animals. When I walked past some people, it would increase in strength. Washing dishes became a playful dance of energy coming out of my back. Typically, I perform most simple or mundane tasks while chanting mantras. And it’s become such a habit when washing dishes, that when I find myself in front of the sink, after a minute or two I will find myself chanting regardless of a conscious intention or not.

So now, if I find myself at the kitchen sink…I will start to notice the energy dancing out of the back of my heart, and that causes me to become aware of the fact that I’ve unconsciously started singing or chanting to myself. So that mantra repetition or singing is increasing the energy movement within my heart.

Putting it All Together: Understanding the Labyrinth-Torus-Heart Mantras connections

When Tracee Stanley saw the labyrinth, I mentioned that I had been working with the labyrinth and infertility clients a number of years ago, and now after a period of rest, it’s come back again in a big way. She asked why it’s come back again, after so many years away. I didn’t really have an answer for her, but did find it an interesting question. Well, I now have been able to see how all of these things are fitting together.

They have all been preparations for me in beginning a consistent activation of the heart muscle testing energy.