I led a gratitude meditation today … wonderful feeling 🙂

I’m grateful for amazing health & vitality (I haven’t been sick for nearly 7 years now), relationships with such amazing people that stretch me mentally/emotionally/physically/spiritually & I keep meeting more & more of these amazing people, a career path that continues to unfold with amazing colors & shapes which allows me to enhance others’ lives in many many ways, intelligence & passion that allows me the ability to utilize my skills, abundance that continues to flow in more and more easily & frequently and in more ways than I could imagine, living in a beautiful city/climate/region that allows me to still enjoy nature & beautiful weather while being in a large city where I can interact with people with such diverse backgrounds/knowledge/purpose, and …

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What are YOU grateful for? What’s your iceberg look like? I wanna know!