I know a couple actors in the new TV series Falling Skies, so I happened to catch the first couple episodes that have aired. For the most part, the series is really well done, but there’s one little word that came up in the dialogue quite a few times, and made my ears cringe: human.

In the series, the survivors/resistance members referred to themselves as “humans” quite a few times, and although I don’t remember the specific context, it seemed like each time they used the term, they were referring to a weak, frail, inadequate, deficient species.

In fact, the term hu-man is a word filled with power and expresses our true divinity–our essence. Hu-man, derived from the Sanskrit language, means God-man.

In Persia the name of the fabulous huma bird is derived from the root, Hum, which is related to OM. And tradition has it that should the huma bird alight for a moment upon the head of any person, then it is a sign that the person is destined to become a ‘king’. Incidentally, the root, HU, is a direct reference to the Word of God; and this is most interesting, for this same root is also a part of the Word human. In ‘human’, the man portion comes from the Sanskrit Mana, or ‘mind of the ordinary man’. So the term ‘human’ is therefore an eternal reminder of the ancient doctrine: that God is even now in all men, and can be more fully realized by all. Even as Jesus was also the Christ, demonstrating the unification of the principles of earth and heaven as both the Son of Man and the Son of God, so are all men hu-man; God-man. (The Secret Power of Music-David Tame pg 215)

You are a Divine being. Every time you hear the word human, hopefully in the back of your mind you’ll remember that that word refers to your divine nature.