Last night I received a simple, heartfelt note:

“Tonight is the first night I have felt like myself in months.  I really feel your energy work has made all the difference for me.  Words can’t thank you enough.  I really look forward to doing further healing work with you on Wednesday.  Thank you.”

Seeing her note of gratitude made me wonder exactly what has allowed me facilitate healing for people. After having that initial thought, three words rose in my mind: OṂ Namaḥ Śivaya.

Often, and more & more consistently now, I can feel prana gathering at the back of my anahata chakra (heart chakra) and moving down into my arms and thru my hands into whomever I’m touching. But this ability didn’t just show up one day. Rather, it’s been a gradual process to get where I’m at in the present moment. I work with mantras to tap into this realm.

I’m excited that I will soon been sharing some of these mantras with you… I’m currently working on creating a healing mantras CD—stay tuned! And although there are a handful of mantras that I like to work with, I have spent the most time with the Siddha mantra OṂ Namaḥ Śivaya. It is known as a perfection mantra—work with it long enough, and you’ll gradually perfect your body, mind & spirit.

A few months ago, I wrote in more detail the benefits of working with OṂ Namaḥ Śivaya:

I’m grateful to be a conduit, and able to help facilitate healing. If you’d like to charge your own chakras and raise your vibration, spend some time with the great Siddha mantra OM NA MA SHI VA YA.

Have a beautiful week!

Prem & namaste,