I thought I’d share a passage from the Vijñānabhairava today:

bhāvayedbharitāvasthām mahānandamayo bhavet

yoginastanmayatvena manorūdhestadātmatā

yatra yatra manastushtirmanastatraiva dhārayet
tatra tatra parānandasvarūpam samprakashate

When one experiences the joy that spreads from the savor arising from the pleasure of eating and drinking, one should contemplate the perfect condition of that joy; then one will become saturated with great bliss. When a yogi identifies himself with the incomparable joy of song or other things, this concentrated yogi becomes one with that joy. Wherever the mind finds its satisfaction, let it be concentrated on that. In every case, the true nature of the highest bliss will shine forth.

-Vijñānabhairava 72-74.

Take a few minutes today, and reread the passage a few times. Meditate and contemplate it a few more minutes. And then go about your day, recognizing this state of joy & bliss in all things today.