An important aspect of Ayurveda is reflection.

With our actions, come consequences. This is the concept of karma.

I’m sure most would agree with me that reflection & meditation can be beneficial, but do you incorporate reflection into ALL aspects of life? Have you ever taken the time to really reflect on the foods that you allow into your body?

Unfortunately, in today’s lifestyle, we often don’t allow any time for reflection before we eat. Life is all about go, go, go. No time to sit and eat calmly–gotta eat on the run. However, it’s really important to take some time and think before you eat!

A main reason why vegetarianism is often encouraged, and reducing or eliminating things like meat & alcohol is due to how these foods make you feel. Have you heard the phrase you are what you eat? Well, in Ayurveda, you are what you digest. If you eat foods that are difficult to digest, you are no longer supporting & nourishing the body, but rather pulling it down. You’re taxing the system by making it work harder. Eating pure, organic foods is ideal.

Today’s action step:
Be conscious with your food choices today. With every meal, take a moment to reflect beforehand–is this food nourishing to my body/mind/spirit, or is it pulling my system down? Make conscious, wise decisions about what foods you allow into your body.

Ask yourself the question how do I feel when I eat this food? If you can answer with a resounding GREAT, go for it!

After all, your body is a temple. Respect and love it by giving it foods that nourish.
Have a great day!