Vedic Virtuoso

Jason Adams, the Vedic Virtuoso


Jason Adams is passionate about sharing the benefits of living a Vedic-inspired life. With his extensive background in music performance, coupled with his inner desire to share his knowledge of the Vedic sciences, Adams has become known as the Vedic Virtuoso. Drawing from his experience, Jason guides individuals towards leading meaningful lives by incorporating the ancient practices of yoga, meditation, ayurveda, vastu shastra, and Vedic astrology.

Jason is a musician, yoga instructor, massage therapist, vastu consultant, and mantra expert. He is currently completing a Mantra Manifestations CD project and has begun work on creating a pivotal text on the Art of Vedic Living, a guidebook to strengthen body, mind, and spirit.

Jason loves sharing his knowledge and understanding with his clients & followers and is grateful to be impacting so many lives in a positive and transformative way.